torsdag 21. desember 2017


Good news for the Activ contesters in Norway.
From NeXT year (2018) Norwegian radio hams can get a 2x1 callsign.
It will be like LC1A..LC1B..LC1C and so on.
If i understand it correctly it will only be the LC serie of qrz's
But this is good News, Rumors have been for this some times
but finally I read about this in the Norwegian ham radio Magazine #6/17.
It will be the national ham radio League (NRRL) that will
assign the Licenses. (valid for 5 years) after this you can
renew for 5 more years.  I think it's a blue copy of the system
they have in Sweden (SSA) A good Christmas present from NRRL and NKOM.
The photo of the Young lady is from the 60's..she must have been on from a HOT spot..

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