søndag 3. desember 2017


I ended up in Thailand in November.
Missed cqww cw contest, airplane landed in Oslo on sunday morning.
Was Lucky to get one qso With VK9MA on 30 mtr, needed on this band
was #312 on 30 mtr for me (tnx LB8DC) Then i was going to HS-land.
Missed 9U4M and VP2MDL totaly...but life is more than hamradio...
Worked J5T on 17-20 mtr before they was going qrt on sunday.
It was a very good November month for dx-ing and I
was not taking part, running around in Asia, but life is good...
If you are a dx'er you realy want's to work every dx-pedition.
So i missed some band Points, but ok to have something to do
when I get old......older  😛😛😛😛
My DXCC Challenge score is 2503 entity.(confirmed)

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