søndag 3. desember 2017


Qsl card from their home page.
After 3C0L Annobon Isl.. YL2GM-Yuris and YL3AIW-Kaspars
continued With 3C1L dx-pedition. They made 43613 q's from Equ.Guinea
Great qso # from a 2 man dx-pedition,they closed the operation on 12 November.
Their qso rate have been very high often over 200 q's pr hour.
Very VERY good, not often we se this from radio expeditions.
They worked about 76000 qso's, great team/result.
I worked them on 12-15-17-30-40 cw  and 30 mtr Rtty.
One New bandpoint 40 mtr cw and a New one on Rtty mode # 264
Hope to hear you on the air again from another
semi-rare spot.....
They have realy set the pace for other dx-pedition.
This 2 guys made more qsos than other dx-pedition With 6 to 8 guys...
Often we se radio expedition have qso rate from 40 to 80 q's pr hour.
Sometimes I Wonder...why in hell havent you trained Your cw-skil
before you go on dx-pedition...you spend a lot of Money, and can't
work the pile-up.......

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