torsdag 5. september 2019

WW DIGI 2019

                  World Wide Digi DX Contest - 2019

Call: LA5LJA
Operator(s): LA5LJA
Station: LA5LJA

Class: SOAB LP
Operating Time (hrs): 15+

 Band  QSOs  Mults
Total:  298    0  Total Score = 17,985

Club: LA Contest Club

My goal was 300 qso's. Made 298 so I say OK.
Raw score world is #85 of 572.
Claimed score is new Norwegian record...hehe..
From first qso to second qso I use 19 minutes. 
On a crowded band on FT4 mode my signal was to low.
I think something was wrong,but I look's like FT4 mode
need some signal to decode,had many calls to stations
with +0 dB to +10 dB, but they put CQ contest in my face.
Was running 40w to a vertical Antenna, so I think my 
Signal was drowned between the other callers.
Made some FT8 qso's also, with better decoding.
Some station don't send the final 73, so I don't logged
them. Not much dx to work, the sun killed the propagation.
Was it fun...No ...No....No....No..
Slow rates, Aren't much fun...nothing to do...only waiting..
FT modes are lazy dxing/contesting...RTTY are more fun..
RTTY are ham-radio....FT-Modes are just pc game..
Will I take part next year.....YES ....(I'm lazy also)

tirsdag 6. august 2019

FT8-My Experience

My setup.
Radio : Icom IC-706 MK2G (set to 50 w )
Antenna : Vertical GP7DX  cover 6 to 40 Mtr
Antennas : Optibeam 11-5 and Optibeam 1 40-30
Antenna : RA6LBS 80-160 Mtr
Computer : Lenovo 100s at 1.60GHz
Software : WSJT-X 2.1.0 and Windows 10

FT4 Regular Qso.
This is a normal qso in FT4 mode. It has Tx Sequence of 7,5 second.
A normal qso takes 45 second. Click on the photo, I have qso with
K1JT the Author of the program. I like FT4 ,it's a quick mode.
You realy have a good chance to make the qso.
I find it more fun than FT8

FT8 Fox and Hound Qso.
What is this......
This is the DX-pedition Mode.
This is the future of handling out qso's for a dx-pedition.
I realy enjoyed watching  the way this mode made qso's.
Some hounds should read the manual to get a better
understanding of how this works...some hounds  can not read...
Ore in other word ,they dont understand the way it works...
Click on photo I get RR73 and US6ISV get his report -02dB
in the same line......fantastic way to do it...
I think RTTY is dead.....for dx-pedition's

FT8 Result after 9 days qrv.
So how did it work's out for me...
This is from clublog.
Most Activ radio ham the last 14 days.
I worked 114 DXCC's entity in this period...
I can not tell you who is number one...
Please click on photo... 

My FT8 Logging program.
Where did WSJT-X dump my qso's.
I use Winlog32, it's a freelog program.
I find it usable and good, a simple and a easy program.


My thougths.
I have not been a big fan of this digimodes.
I have called this for cheating qsos, but I have to admit
it's a fun way to have qso's, You can work the world
with 50 w and Limited antennas , most qso's I have
had have been audible, The program do the most of
the qso, you only have to double click on the Call
and if the other station hear you ,the qso start...
You can look at the process in the right window..
Then you get the you want to log this qso ???
Of course you log it.....1 qso  3 mouse click....ticktick...tick
In 9 days I made 700 qso's  114 DXXC's countrys....
This is clearly the mode for the Limited Radio Ham..
But it is fun, the dx Family have been much bigger.
It's a lot of New stations to work outside there .
Some say it's a pc game.....OK...if you think so..
But dont complain about other People have fun...
You have a computer..all the program is free..
I was grumpy about this mode...but I have changed
Thumbs up for WSJT-X    FT4   FT8
100% user of this New digimode.
See you on th band RR73

søndag 7. juli 2019


DL-DX RTTY Contest - 2019

Call: LA5LJA
Operator(s): LA5LJA
Station: LA7TTT

Class: SOAB-6 LP
Operating Time (hrs): 6

Band  QSOs  Pts   Mults
   80:    1           1
   40:   60          28
   20:   43          29
   15:   21          12
   10:   13           7
Total:  138  1595    77  Total Score = 122,815

Club: LA Contest Club


Low Activity, bands was ok ,but not hot..
Highlight was Mexico on 20 mtr and Cuba on 40 mtr.
Rtty is not dead, but I think the back is broken.

fredag 7. juni 2019


Yaesu have did it again...
A New dream machine fromYaesu...
Number one on Sherwood receiver test...way ahead of other Companys. 😎😎😎😎😎
Welcome to my shack..


New radio from Elecraft.
Nice look.....adapted to todays level.
From Elecraft's homepage.


A direct-sampling SDR you’ll love to use
Our new K4 harnesses the latest in signal processing while retaining the best aspects of the K3S and P3. The resulting user interface makes the technology transparent, allowing you to focus on working the world.
160-6 meter, all-mode coverage & dual RX
The K4 includes dual receive over 100 kHz to 54 MHz. Since it utilizes direct sampling, there’s no need for crystal filters in the K4 or K4D (see Models, back page). For extreme-signal environments, we offer a dual superhet module (standard in the K4HD).  An internal VHF/UHF module is also planned.
High-resolution mini-pan for each receiver
Our advanced fine-tuning aid, with its resampled bandwidth as narrow as +/- 1 kHz, is displayed separately from the main panadapter.  You can turn it on by tapping either receiver’s S-meter or by tapping on a signal of interest.
Simple operation and setup
The K4 features a large, full-color touch display, combined with a rich set of real controls. Per-VFO transmit metering makes split mode completely foolproof. Band-stacking switches and per-receiver controls are both intuitive and versatile, adapting to operating context.  Usage information on these and other features is just one tap away, thanks to our built-in help system. 
Rich I/O complement
The rear panel includes all the RF, analog and digital I/O you’ll need to complete your station.  All K-line accessories are supported, including amps,  ATUs, and our K-Pod station controller. The HDMI video output supports an external display with its own user-specified format.
Full remote control from multiple devices
The K4 can be 100% remote controlled, via Ethernet, from a second K4 as well as a PC, notebook, or tablet. Panadapter data is included on all remote displays. 
Modular hybrid architecture
The K4 adapts to your needs, with three models to choose from:
  • Basic K4 with wide-range dual receive
  • K4D with diversity receive
  • K4HD with a dual superhet module for exceptional dynamic range
You can upgrade or add options as desired, or as new technology becomes available.  This extensibility applies to software as well. The K4’s powerful, fast-starting CPU provides unlimited expansion opportunities.
Fast signal processing
The RF signal chain in the K4 incorporates parallel hardware processing of data streams, including a dedicated DSP subsystem. This, combined with silent, PIN-diode T/R switching, ensures fast CW break-in. Data and speech-processing delays are also minimized.
Standard DSP features include easy-to-adjust, per-mode RX/TX EQ; clean, punchy RF speech processing; full DVR capabilities; and several built-in data decode/encode modes. Direct-sampling technology results in an ultra-flat passband response for clean RX and TX audio. Since the signal chain is software-defined, the DSP can be field upgraded to add new algorithms and operating modes. 

torsdag 30. mai 2019


Well done lads, world champions Ice hockey 2019.
Thank to Slovak's hams that have 2 SES on during the events.
I made 5 qso's valid for Bronze award.


CQWW WPX Contest, CW - 2019

Call: LA5LJA
Operator(s): LA5LJA
Station: LA5LJA

Class: SO(A)SB10 LP
Operating Time (hrs): 5

Band  QSOs
   10:  109
Total:  109  Prefixes = 94  Total Score = 11,750

Club: LA Contest Club


Limited time this year also. Returned from Asia 30 April.
Plan was to change my rotor in my Tower.Doesn't go as planned,
a load of work was waiting for me....rotor still in Box.
Optibeams still pointing 4 degree North....not much to work
in that direction.....was qrv some hours late saturday evening
to my surprise ten mtr was alive...made 109 q's on 10 with my
vertical GP7DX ..claimed score is New Norwegian record SOA10LP.
Someone will beat this one hihi .Conds was very good this weekend.
Highlight was to work Z66X .Have only 278 cnfm dxcc on 10 mtr,
so happy for a new one on this band ...I think long time till
the NeXT one pop up on that band.......
I take my hat's off for those qrp guy's who work over 1000 q's
With 5w and Limited antennas....(low dipoles,gp's,LW,miracle whips,
and dummy loads) well done guy' are my heroes...