lørdag 13. april 2019


5X3C was active 13 to 25 March.
Activated by Italien dxpedition team.
Well known dx team,tx-ing from all over Africa .
For many years ,this time from Uganda.
As you see they made 57964 qso's With 18989 uniques Call.
Their FT8 robot  made 18200 FT8  q's for them..
That will say almost 1 of 3 qsos was shitty mode...
I also think that they made 1 of 3 qsos with Italy...
It's a long Queue of Italiens every time i work this Group..
So very happy every time i get through.. 
I made 7 qso's
CW : 15-17-20-30-40
SSB   :  17 - 20
No digi qso for me this time.
This was the only dx Group from Africa  this spring
that i made a qso on 15 mtr band with.
This Italien are very good to change band and looking
for openings on higher frequencys, hope to hear you from
another spot in Africa soon. ( TT??)


5V7EI was activ 12 days in the last part of March.
This was a good dxpedition,they made 50224 q's
and 19152 uniques Calls in the log. 359 q's to Norway
I made 7 qso's.
CW : 17-20-30-40
SSB   : 17 - 20
RTTY   :   20
EIDX Group have been activ before as 9N7EI and 7Q7EI
Happy to work you on Rtty ,Rtty is the dead man mode...
FT8 has started to be the digi dxpedition mode...so pity..
This Group made 13534 q's on FT8 it's about 27% of all q's
Sad to hear that your planned dxpedition to ZD9 is cancelled..
This guy's was great,easy to get in log for low power stations. 


7P8LB was Activ for 8 days in the 1st part of March.
It was a Norwegian team with 8 Op's
They made 16213 qso's and 6576 uniques Calls.
I made 1 qso: 30 mtr CW
They had a ok signal,was 599 for hour's the 1st night
on 40 mtr cw,was a good start I think.....but for me
I really strugled to work this guy's . To many modes on
each band ,they was just feeding the big guns.
And 2 much robot qso's, FT8 was 30% of their total q's
Every late evening only boring FT8.....


Time go fast,been a time since last blogging..
9LY1JM was activ for 10 days in January.
They made a very good dxpedition with a lot of qso's.
They logged 50382 q's With 14016 uniques calls .
509 q's with Norway....wooow..I made 12 q's
SSB  :   17 - 20 - 40
RTTY: 17-20-30-40
They must have been on a qth with low noice
since they picked up my low sigs on low band.
look forward to hear this team again from some
semi hot spot...well done guy's.

lørdag 16. februar 2019

IOTA EU-192 Inakari Island.

New iota island activated Inakari Isl. EU-192.
EU-192 was added to the Iota list as a new one in October 2018
OH10X was active from this Finnish Island in February 
This was the first activation from this new iota group.
I made qso's on 30 and 80 mtr cw.
They made 8090 q's in total , 43 q's with Norway.
Thank you guys for your efforts in the cold winter days.

torsdag 14. februar 2019


CQ WPX RTTY Contest - 2019

Call: LA5LJA
Operator(s): LA5LJA
Station: LA5LJA

Class: SOAB LP
Class Overlay: TB-Wires
Operating Time (hrs): 15:45

Band  QSOs
   80:  105
   40:  253
   20:  200
   15:   12
Total:  570  Prefixes = 344  Total Score = 661,168

Club: LA Contest Club


Limited time, did not hear any Japan station at all.
Worked some few dx, only 23 US stations in log.
Best qsos was 9G2HO...TO7D...PJ4Z...V37DX
Have to work sunday, but manage some qsos in the
evening. I think I will have ended up with 1000 q's
if I had run the full 30 hours...same as the last years.

tirsdag 1. januar 2019


Happy new year 2019 to most of you. A year go fast and 2018 is history.
In 2018 i was only qrv 7 months,missed a lot of dx due to my neighbor
led lamps. He filled up his house with cheap China lamps, they caused
strong Qrn from 7 Mhz to 50 Mhz, signal strength was S9+20    *24-7*
A disaster for me as an activ ham-radio user, 5 months no radio.
But God listen to good boy's and he changed his lamp during late Autumn.
This year I worked 186 dxcc country's ,not bad for 7 months.
2018 will also stand for the New digi mode, that ruined the hamradio,  FT8.
I'm not a big fan of this mode, it's just a qso between to computer and
and 2 watch adjusters.....they Call it dx'ing ...realy ???
Lets see what 2019 wil bring...maybe i also try this loser dx-ing!!!
So please you UP there bring us some more sunspot's