tirsdag 22. mars 2016


3C7A Equatorial Guinea Op was LA7GIA Ken from Norway.
Photo borrowed from his qrz page
This Dxcc entity must been  high ranked at the most wanted list.
His pile ups was hugh and so was the wide of it ,up to 40 khz the
first days, had some fun hunting for him ,was zero beat many times.
But this one was realy hard to break.
But in the end I get some qso's,was not easy but Ken is a fb op,
He made 13000 qso's in 8,5 days..thats a very good result.
But my god ,so much crying on the dx cluster...like..
please listen me,please 20 mtr,please ssb, please only dit and dat..
I realy dont understand this beggers...please try salvation army...
You are not much of a dx'er when you start to begg...just a poor
poor cb-guy....be a man..make better station and learn to break a pile-up.
It's not hard....it's just to listen more than tx-ing....
I hope the Italien dx-team will be activ from 3C in the future...
Many still need this one...I need a rtty qso...

My qso's : All with 100w and GP7DX vertical
  Band   CW

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