lørdag 9. april 2016

VK0EK Heard Isl.

Penquin on Heard Island. Photo from homepage VK0EK.
I have been in Thailand for 14 days , comeback to Norway 8 April.
Had to go in the easter time, not a good solution when you are MORE
than hyper activ when it comes to ham radio................
But this trip was planed for long time and my big hope was to
get some qso's with this dx-pedition during their last 3 days.
I come home checked their log search and get a very bad feeling for
this operation, they had been qrv 15 days and only have 63000 qso's.
Woow that wasent much...that's what eu's need alone.....
So I think what was they doing down there...playing Cards....
They had good antennas,a hot location and many op's.......
Realy was this op's so bad....
Was lisen for them all Friday..not a bip on 10 to 20 mtr..
Suddenly they was spotted on 40 mtr cw on 7,016 mc in evening...
Ok have no hope but heard him well, ok I give a Call 2 khz down
2 times 3 times 4 times....o'shit he was coming back to me
LA5LJA 599 I quickly responded 599 TU...
Worked him with 100w and the vertical GP7DX....
This evening was mine.. 1 hour later get him on 80 mtr cw
On 80 mtr I have a broken gp .10 mtr high inverted U.. hihi
Then later on 30 mtr cw and finaly the big ONE on 160m (W8AMZ sloper)
4 qso's in a very short time...3 New bands...low Power..
So I think this guy's have not been happy with the sun.
The sun have not been a good teamplayer for sure.
This guy's have made a very good job,had big ears for cw
Well done guys .hope you reach 80000 qso's
After this evening ,my feeling was like the penquin
on the photo ..the one on right side...


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