søndag 13. mars 2016


Qsl card from this radio dx-pedition.
Photo borrowed from their homepage.
This Italian dx-team are one of the best we have on the air.
They handling out qso's very fast and their online log-check utility
is the best. I made 12 qso's with them, very hard to get in log for me.
Their signal was never over s7 on my qth, most qso's was made near
the noise flor,struggled hard to get them on rtty on 15 mtr ,trying every day.
Day 8 I made it on 15 mtr rtty,very happy New one on that mode......
They was annonced that rtty mode should only be on 15 mtr.
The last day they where on , I was tuning over the 30 mtr band and
till my big suprise they was calling cq on 30 mtr rtty.. 1st Call and then in log.
Wooow I have spend many hours calling for that 15 mtr rtty qso and then
only 1 Call on 30 mtr..so thanks for 2 rtty qso's
They made 91242 qso's , 26935 uniques callsign. Only 8 op's
Since my beam are stucked to the North my qso's was made on GP7DX vertical.
My qso Box :
40 1 
30  1

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