søndag 13. mars 2016


7P8C radio dx-pedition to Lesotho bye F6KOP Club members.
They made 50180 qso's during their stay in February. 17297 unique calls.
Very happy to made some rtty qso's, New one on rtty so thank you team.
I think this was a little bit Hill Billies dx pedition....
They did some strange choice....
On 17 mtr ssb they was listen on 18,170 mc thats out of BAND..
On 17 mtr cw one night the op was saying ..I listen up...but he was running
around inside the pile and makeing simplex qso's up and down 10 khz.
On 160 mtr ,their choice was to stay on ssb, With very low qso rate.
They was calling only for French station also and one op was calling
for UK and EI only..that path isent exactly hard to work from Southern Africa..
It had been better if they was calling for VK/Zl only......
But it's their dx-pedition/Choice...Have order the qsl card via OQRS
I made 7 q's and happy for that ,happy for 30 40 rtty qso's
My Qso Box :

40  1
30  1
12 11
10 1

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