mandag 28. september 2015

DX #39/52

A Nice and quick buro qsl from Harald (LA9SN)
Worked him when he was in Paraguay , on 17 mtr cw.
Check out his qrz . com page. He have a great station
in Denmark where he lives now .   Search for OZ8X .
Other dx this week...
NIUE : E6GG on 15-17-20-30 cw and 17-20 ssb
ZIMBABWE : Z21MG 10-15-20 rtty 12-17-20 ssb 12-15-17-20-30 cw
TUVALU : T2GC 17-20-30-40 cw Great signal on 30+40 mtr big big TU
ST.KITTS & NEVIS : V4/W6HGF 17 40 rtty.
MARKET REEF :OJ0DX 15-17-20-30-40-80-160 cw 15-20-40-80 rtty
JAMAICA : 6Y4K 17 20 rtty
MEXICO : XE2FGC on 15 rtty in cqwwrtty test.
Much much more casual dx...
Have been very activ in the last week, but radio conds have
been very bad for the last months, my first 3 qs with E6GG
was with very low signal,but exelent ops from their side
made it possible. Since I run low Power it's a lot harder to come thru.
But mostly this kids with cw on theirs F1.. F2  knobs dont have a
s9 signal in theirs reciver...,many of them dont take part.
So many times it's easier to work dx-pedition with low signal
than those who deliver a s9 signal......
cw-MODE is KING... ssb it's the ROOKIES MODE...

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