søndag 6. september 2015

DX #34-35-36/52

PQ0T qsl card recived 3 week's ago.
Great to work them on 40 mtr ssb. New band
confirmed for me. Have Trindade Isl cnfm 10 to 30 mtr before.
Other dx this week's.
Limitid time for radio but September will wake up my interest
again, some dx-pedition to the Pacific area and hopefuly some
new bandpoints can be scored.....
YW5Z on 20 mtr ssb iota SA-059
RT9K/0 on 40 mtr cw iota AS-203
E51DWC on 15 cw,VP8LP on 17 ssb
HC8/G8OFQ on 17 and 40 mtr ssb.
5E2E on 20 mtr rtty, PJ2/AI5P on 30 cw.
DU1IST on 40 mtr cw,he have great antennas
always big signal check out his qrz.com page.

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