mandag 5. oktober 2015

DX #40/52

Qsl card from LA5UF when he was on North Cook Isl.
and from Easter Isl. last Winter.
Other dx this week.
Samoa : 5W1SA on 20 mtr rtty mode,new one rtty.
SEYCHELLES Isl : S79SP 12cw-15ssb-17cw/rtty-20cw -30cw/rtty-40cw
GREENLAND Isl : OX3LX on 20rtty,from iota NA-151
SABA Isl: PJ6/N1MY on 20+30 mtr rtty.
SOUTH KOREA :DS2GOO on 15 rtty
Have try to make contact with TX3X this weekend
but no sucsess,looks like this dx-peditions are some
first time dx'ers. They havent a clue about propagation.
They miss the greyline opening to Europe every morning.
Always to late on 30 40 mtr,wrong band mostley of the time.
They havent make so many qso's to North America either.
Their bad operating tecnich make a lot of frustration.
Hopefuly I can snag them on a band before they go home.
But this will be a hard one.............

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