mandag 21. september 2015

DX #38/52

Qsl card from 7Q7GIA .
It is LA7GIA Kenneth who was in Malawi
on a radio dx-pedition,worked him on 6 bands 12 to 40 mtr.
This week LA7GIA is on another hot spot from Africa.
He is operating as D67GIA have worked him on 6 bands.
10-12-15-17-20-30 CW and 15-20 SSB.
Had hoped for a rtty qso with him ,but I think he have some
isue with his rtty-equipment, one of the first day I was decoding
him on 20 mtr rtty,he was in qso with a G4-station and he was
tx-ing, I have problem decoding you  to the G4 - station.
Other dx this week.
Laos : XW1IC on 17 mtr rtty
Egypt : SU9IG on 30 mtr cw
Cape Verde : D44TUK 20 cw and D44TUQ 15 + 17 rtty
Grenada : J3/DH5FS on 30 + 40 cw
Rodriguez Isl. 3B9FR on 10 mtr rtty

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