mandag 11. april 2016


FT4JA Juan De Nova Isl. photo from their homepage.
This 10 guy's made a tremendous dx-pedition .
European dx'ers are the best in the whole world, this team was
the best I ever heard in my ham radio life, better than the Italian
dx pedition team also. 105570 qso's in 11 days ,thats a great number.
Specialy when you know that they made 10000 rtty qso's in this
time frame also. Have seen it for many years,when it comes to radio
European are at least 25 % better than USA op's when it comes to handle
out qso's. Look att the qso rates on differents dx-pedition and you
clearly see what I mean....My hats of for this guy's.
My main goal for this dx-pedition was to get them on rtty and I
did that also for my Club callsign. Beam's are still pointing to 350 * North
So all my qso's on the GP7DX vertical and low Power. ( no amp here)
No low band qso's for me on this one, to tired after the Asia trip.
Needed some sleep this weekend....

My qso Box....

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