søndag 1. november 2015

DX #44/52

Mediteranio dx Club is on tour to Viet Nam.
20 op's and many antennas, they say 5 radio's on 24/7
Worked then today on ; 10 cw - 12 ssb - 15 cw/ssb.
A promising start for me, but this week it will not be much radio for me.
But hope to get at least 10 qso's and some rtty qso's.
The last weekend conds was very good.
Very good propagation's to the Pacific area.
FIJI : 3D2KM on 20 rtty- 3D2AG on 20 cw  New one #242 rtty
TONGA : A35OK on 30 mtr cw..
EAST KIRIBATI : T32DX  on 20 mtr cw
PALAU : T88ZE on 12 mtr rtty
PHILIPPINES : DU3LA on 12 mtr rtty
ST. MARTIN : FS/K9NU and FS/W9ILY on 12 mtr rtty,..LOTW CFM
MOZAMBIQUE : C91B 10-15-17 ssb
HONG KONG : VR2XMT on 12 mtr rtty
VIET NAM . XV9NPS on 10 cw
AUSTRALIA : VK8NSB on 10 mtr cw
BHUTAN : A52CVX on 30 mtr cw it's SM6CVX Hans
Worked YN5Z on rtty last week,cnfm on LOTW this week., tnx K7ZO Scott

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