søndag 22. november 2015

DX #46-47/52

VK9WA - Willis Island DXpedition 2015
This weekend I have been in relax mode.
Spend some times in front of the radio, hunting for this dx-pedition.
This weekend conds was ok and this guy's on Willis Island have done
a very good job. Was very easy to get this one in log from Norway.
SM5AQD Hawk and SM3SGP Gus was a part of this dxpedition.
They make it very easy to get in the log,big ears for Scandinavia.
I  think , if you not get this one in log...you realy arent much of a DX'er...

All this qso's made this weekend 7 band on 100 watt.

Propagation from NORWAY / zone 14 / Geo Propagation Map

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