mandag 26. oktober 2015

DX #42-43/52

Photo from V73D's homepage.
Have realy tryed hard to get this dx-pedition in log.
Have not been easy from Norway. But ended up with 10 qso's.
MARSHALL Isl.: 15-17-20-30 cw.. 20-40 ssb..15-17-20-30 rtty.
This german team deliver every time,they understand propagation.
Its a very good result for me since I have limited time and 100 watt.
4U70UN showed up on the air this weekend.  Photo from 4U1UN homepage.
Worked them on 12+17 cw and 17 ssb. 2 new bands for me.
Have 4U1UN on 20-30-40 before, they made 5885 q's in 11 hours,great operation.
Other dx the last 2 week.
CUBA:T42US on 15 rtty/ssb, a strange dx-pedition, 18 op's and not many q's WHAT ARE THEY DOING..
FERNANDO DE NORHONA :PY0F/AA4NC on 12-15-17-20 cw,  10-12 rtty This is a great Operator.
SOUTH COOK Isl. : 20 + 40 ssb it's SP5EAQ Jacek on vacation. A nice one on 40 ssb
ST.HELENA :ZD7W on 10ssb and 10-15 cw it is W6NV Oliver on tour, a great cw-operator.
Made some nice rtty qsos with this stations: ZP9MCE 12ry,. YN5Z 10ry,. ZB2R 10ry,. FY/F5UII 15ry
Some cw qso's : TT8AMO 30 mtr cw and  VP9/WA1Z on 40 mtr cw
The last weekend it was CQWW SSB contest also.
Will give a report later in this week,radio conds was ok this weekend.

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