tirsdag 19. september 2017


   Scandinavian Activity Contest, CW

Call: LN7TTT
Operator(s): LA5LJA
Station: LA7TTT

Class: SOAB(A) LP
Operating Time (hrs): 15h29m

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:  138    24
   40:  455    32
   20:  212    35
   15:    2     2
Total:  807    93  Total Score = 151,311

Club: LA Contest Club


2017 SAC cw contest is over.
As other says the conds was NOT the best.

1st stint:
1200z to 1318 I made 52 qsos,the first hour only 39 qsos.
I started on 20 mtr, the band was dead,So I switched of the radio.
2nd stint:
1522z to 1857z started up again and made 282 qsos on 40 mtr.(334q's total)
Ohhh it was fun again, QSY'ed to 80 mtr. NOOOOO more fun so quiet.
Extrem high swr.Shoe on .Where is that dam flashlight!!  
My feed point for my shortned gp on 80 mtr is 2,5 mtr up 
Found a camping chair ,tramped up on it and checked the pl's to the choke
balun everything was ok..but no change in swr,antenna was totally useless.
Ok last chance,check the water proof balun box,When i open the box the water
was flowing, it was full of water....dryed it up...swr was ok ..lost 33
3rd stint:
1930z to 2141z found a frequenc on 80 mtr and made 111 q's on 80mtr.
Tryed some cq's on 40 but band was dead, Qrt day one. Total 445 qsos.
0321z to 1146z
Can not sleep wake up early, tuning 40 and 80 mtr band...very quiet. 
Dident work a single North American on 40 and 80 mtr.Cqing on 80 was giving
some more qsos but qsyed to 40 mtr made 170 more qsos there before I ended
Up on 20 mtr, Made 160 more qsos on 20 mtr but the band was very bad so it
was a struggle to make qso, Changed frequency a lot of times,was sqeezed away
of other Scandinavian stations, they couldn't hear me and was taken over 
the frequency . But no problem everyone was on 20 mtr,no other band was open..
Last 30 min of the test everything stopped on 20 mtr for me,no more to work.
Qsyed to 15 mtr, to my suprice the band had som signal. Worked LY2NK and 4X0A.
Heard YO9HP and UR3GU also on 15 mtr ,but no qso.   Qrt 1146z.
SUMMARY..ok contest..
My beam is still locked to 90° East
My rotary dipole for 40 mtr is facing north-south
Hope that i can change the rotor before cq ww cw.
Have a multi band gp up 10 mtr,GP7DX it worked ok.
So can't complain to much.....
But.... i think i lost 200 qsos due to qrt time early in the contest.
My goal was 1000 qsos

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