søndag 10. september 2017


Today I put the GP7DX antenna on a pull-up mast.
This mast I buy for 15 years ago 2nd handed.
This mast is 10 mtr high, my plan was to put it
on a trailer and put a 3 ele 3 bander on it and use it
in a so2r set up. This plan is still valid, but for the upcoming
Sac cw test this will be my main antenna. The goal is 1000 qsos.
Of course my Optibeam  is facing To 90 degrees east, not the worst
direction but I totally lost the beam path to North America.
Last year the Optibeam was locked to 0 degree north.
So a better solution this year since it is a big contest activity from East EU.
In 2016 I worked 204 DXCC on the GP7DX Antenna.
A very good result,because I run low power and only are qrv in weekends.
So if you have limited space buy this vertical.
I think I was the only station in Norway that worked
VP8SGI and VP8STI on low power and vertical.
Also worked VK0EK  on 30 + 40 mtr band with this antenna.
In 2016 I had this antenna only 4 mtr up, with the pull-up
mast I will raise it to 10 mtr in the weekends.
If you put it up 10 mtr it's best to use guying.
This antenna have a solid construction. 

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