lørdag 3. juni 2017


E31A was activ in the last part of May.
I made qsos on 15-17-40 ssb + 30 cw.
They made 36434 qso's in total.
A great number for only 4 ops.
They was giving me # 287 on 40 mtr band.
Already confirmed  on lotw, a big thank you.
This was the big one for me in May.
Had qso's on 15-17-40 ssb +17-20-30-40 cw + 40 rtty.
First time I heard them on 17 mtr cw I was thinking
what is this??? They was on 18,108 mc ,that's a rtty frequency.
They was doing cw ,the op could only copy 1 qso in 3 min..
So I didn't try this pile-up at all .
Later I get a qso on 30 mtr cw and after that I get a better
trust in them. They made 44438 qsos,so they where ok.
A25UK was giving me #286 on 40 mtr band, already confirmed on lotw.

Other dx in May.
TA0/DL7UCX on 30 mtr cw, Iota as-201
VU4YC on 17 -20 mtr cw
XW1IC on 17 mtr Rtty.
E44WE on 10 -17 ssb + 17 bpsk63
MJ/PB5X on 20 - 40 ssb and MJ/PA1AW on 160 rtty
The summer has came and so has the sporadic e layer.
About 250 qsos on 10 and 12 mtr in the last part of May.
It's  fun when 10 mtr shows way of life, great activity
the band have been dead for 8 months at my qth.
Let's hope 6 mtrs also get life....

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