søndag 21. mai 2017


A late dx-report for April.
Well I was in Thailand from 1th to 16th April.
And when I come back it was a pile of work....on work.
The foto's  are from Hilton Hotel in Hua Hin Thailand.
I like this hotel,for me a great choice, good food and near the beach.

DX in April.
Not much to brag about..
KH7XS on 30 mtr cw,great signals in morning time.
XW4XR on 17 mtr Rtty  and   S79Z on 30 mtr cw.
V85TL on 20 mtr cw   and   9V1XX on 20 mtr cw.
BA7IO on 30 mtr cw,he was on Iota AS-129.
4S7VBG/p on 40 mtr cw, Vladimir was on Iota  AS-171.
From Vlad's qrz page you can read that he was not happy
with the help he gets from some locals ham's...

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