søndag 23. april 2017


In March worked XT2SE on 15-17-20-30 Rtty
More dx:
KL7/VE7ACN on 30-40 mtr cw ..iota NA-041
DU1/SM5ENX on 20 mtr cw
OX90EDR on 30 mtr cw
3B8/G3TXF on 17-30 mtr cw
5Z4/DL2RMC on 30 mtr Rtty
8Q7LH on 15 ssb and 30 mtr cw
PZ5RA on 30 mtr cw....#308 on 30 mtr confirmed on LOTW...big TU.
KP4JRS on 30 mtr cw ...#309 on 30 mtr confirmed on LOTW ...big TU.
8J60JARE on 30 mtr cw and rtty.
E51WDC on 30 mtr cw
9N7XW on 17-20mtr rtty
KL7RA on 40 mtr ssb.
J28PJ  on 30 mtr Rtty.
ZF2CJ  on 30 mtr Rtty
A lot of dx worked from my low power station .
Antenna situation is still bad,but will fix rotor in main tower
this summer,will also put up tower #2 for my so2r set up.
I work a lot of dx on the vertical GP7DX, Yagi is pointing to 75 ° east
and rotary dipole goes south/north for 30/40 mtr.
My rotary dipole is 2 to 5 s units better than my vertical on 30/40.
So I realy miss my antenna rotor....
But can't complain to much...dx is easy from this qth...

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