søndag 23. april 2017


A lot of dxing in March month for me.
A good month with a lot of dx-pedition going on.
Following dx-peditions was on:
5U5R   9N7EI   9G5X   TU7C   S21ZEE/ZED
Qsos :75327  30241  29358   52357       51892 ...qsos....
This created a lot of activity on the bands.
I made some qso's, but Since I'm not a casual dx-er
I mostly had the weekends to participate .
March month I worked 74 hours overtime.
This month was working, dx-ing, eating, sleeping. 
5U5R:17-20-30-40 CW   15-17 SSB   20 -30 RTTY
9G5X: 15-17-20-30-40  CW   17  RTTY
9N7EI : 15-17-20-30-40 CW   17 SSB
S21ZEE/ZED : 15-17-20-30-40-80 CW  17 SSB   17-20  RTTY


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