tirsdag 14. februar 2017


The Italian dxpedition team has been on tour again,
This time to Central African Republic, callsign was TL8TT.
They made 63152 qsos, was not easy to break the pile-up
It was an endless row of Italian stations calling and it was
 not easy to break this and make a qso,but after some days
I was able to make qsos also , my goal was to get one Rtty qso
They made  3388 qsos on rtty my qso was # 1804
The Italian dxpedition team have a superb log check
You make a qso and one minute later you can check their
website and you can see if you made it, a superb tool.
Realy wish all expedition had this tool 👍
As always, fun to follow this gang, they are great ops
Many hour's with hunting on the air ,not so easy for me
since I'm running low power and my big beam antenna are
locked to 70 ° east, so all qsos on 15-17-20 mtr was on my
GP7DX Vertical antenna ,this vertical is from a Polish Antenna Company.
Solid construction, perform very well worked 204 DXCC with this
antenna in 2016 If you are looking for a vertical....buy this.
30 and 40 mtr was just plug and play,my rotary dipole works very well.
80 and 160 mtr qsos was pure luck, was made before dx-cluster spot.
Once again ,thanks guy's nice show,will look for you from
The neXt one.....photo from their homepage.

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