tirsdag 14. februar 2017


   CQ WW RTTY WPX Contest

Call: LA5LJA
Operator(s): LA5LJA B0RIS
Station: LA7TTT

Class: M/S LP
Operating Time (hrs): 21h30m

 Band  QSOs
   80:  139
   40:  249
   20:  197
   15:   80
   10:    0
Total:  666  Prefixes = 386  Total Score = 858,850

Club: LA Contest Club


A limited time for this one this year.About 20 hour in the chair. 
Had some issues whit my back after falling on the ice on thursday.
So had a problem with sitting in the chair....I think conds was ok.
40 and 80 mtr had very much activity from Europe,rtty gets big in EU.
15 mtr also was open for some time,worked NA on 15 and 20 mtr with
My GP7DX Vertical antenna, This vertical suprice me time after time.
My 10 to 20 mtr beam is locked to 70° east and my 40 mtr is facing
To 330/150 ° must change the rotor this year ,think I easly can make
1200 qsos low-power with this set up.....neXt year...neXt year...
Since 2015 I had a problem with a Norwegian ham fellow...
He think I'm running high power since my rotary dipole on 40 mtr
gets better rbn reports than his fd4/ butternut, So again I have 
give you some work...and headpine...a lot of rbn spot to check again...
Poor poor man ..get a life...wake up...slutty girl..

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