søndag 17. januar 2016


5 Star Hotel on Antipodes Island.....--
ZL9A was Activ from this 7-11 January.
I have this dxcc only on 20 ssb and 40 mtr cw.
This Count for a new iota OC-286 worked them on 20 ssb
Not so much dx-ing for me so far in 2016, a lot of work.
My beam is pointing to 60 degree,it's locked something happen
with my rotator from prosistel, I think it is the pot-meter inside the
rotator , A shity situation with so much good dxpedition to comes on.
Have to wait till the summer before I can fix it...it last 2 year...crap..
Have had Yaesu rotator for 20 years ,It worked great and I feel I was
realy dumb that not was buying a Yaesu 2800 rotator.....
They say when you get old you will learn........


This is a antenna from SP7GXP.
It cover from 6 to 40 mtr,solid Construction.
Very good swr on all band,have it on a 4,5 mtr 60 mm tube.
Have worked dx on all band with it also 6 mtr.
It's simular to Hy-Gain AV-640 ,Cushcraft R-8 I think.
The antenna is about 8 mtr high,the manual are in Polish...
It was giveing me some head pain.....
Limited Space..buy this...put it 10 mtr up
and you are taking  part in the game...
Antenna ga jeg 3000 nkr for ,det er billig...
Permo tar 5048.- for Hy-gain av-640
Permo tar 5654.- for cushcraft R-8
Bare så det er nevnt ,fikk gratis frakt
av en som var på Jule ferie....

3 kommentarer:

  1. I have seen your new GP antenna when passing by on way to and from work. Looks good, but does it good job for You in compere to Your Yagi and wire antenna ?
    BTW 3000 NOK er good price, is it not ?

  2. Hello Piotr (LA7RRA)
    Happy New year,the antenna Works well ,but my Yagi
    beat it every time....price is VERY good...

  3. Hi.
    Your Yagi is twice as hight as this GP.
    Comper it to anather Your Vertical insted of directional antenna.
    I hope to get one of this GP.

    73 and good DX hunting !