søndag 27. desember 2015

DX #50-51/52

North Korea.
This dxcc entity is the most wanted in the ham radio world.
I worked this gentleman when he was in *P5*land.
I have only one qso with North Korea and that is on 15 mtr ssb.
He worked 16415 contacts from North Korea.
This December 3Z9DX come on from P5 as P5/3Z9DX
he made 784 qsos, a great activity from Dom, but I think
some dark clouds is hanging over this operation...........
Some eu's was working remote and some one dident know
they was in the log...(log padding)....
I realy dont understand ...is that ok.....NOPE.
December has mostly been work for me
.But some dx have come into my log the last 2 weeks.
TZ9A MALI: 12-30 Rtty and 17-20 ssb 
E44QX:20 cw  T88RY: 15-17 Rtty  AP2IA:17 ssb
TO90R: 15 Rtty   XW4XR: 12 Rtty  VK6DW: 10 Rtty
E51TLA: 30 Rtty  9M2MRS: 20-30 Rtty   DU1JM: 20 Rtty
9M2/JE1SCJ: 10-30 cw   9M6/JR1EFG 15 cw
Best qso: Namibia  V5/DL3DXX on 160 mtr cw New #148 ON top band.

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