onsdag 9. desember 2015

DX #48-49/52

This is how my new qsl will look like.
Printed bye LZ3HI Emil, good price and service.
Other dx the last 2 weeks.
ZD8AA on 80 mtr cw . Ascension Island.
PZ5W on 15-20 rtty 10-15-20 40 cw. Suriname
HH2/N5JR 17-20 cw and 17 rtty   Haiti
FM/LA8OM on 20 cw,he was TO8M in cqww 10-15-20-40 mtr cw
Not so much time for radio ,to much work...but money ok also,,,,
Worked 129 dxcc entity in cqwwcw ..not bad.

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