søndag 21. juni 2015

DX #25/52

Qsl from ZL7E Chatham Island.
The memory is short but this guy's was making a
very good dx-pedition, the best one for years from a team
from Oceania I think. They was on 24/7 and tnx New one on rtty.
Ops from Oceania have a trend to sleep during their nigts (VK's)
Hope to hear this dx-team again from another spot.
Other dx this week.
XT2AW Harald on rtty mode 17 mtr ,tnx #235  on rtty.
He  was working simplex and the pile-up was growing.
Then he tx ,Call me up and I will find you, then it was easy to
get him in my log. Looks like Southern Eu's dont understand
some simple messages...well they dont understand their own
callsign either......experience from pile-up's.......LOL....
YB4IR/9 on 15 mtr ssb Iman from iota oc-239 this time
5U5U on 15 mtr rtty and J28NC on 20 mtr rtty

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