mandag 15. juni 2015

DX #24/52

Qsl from E30FB ,Eritrea.
They made 64572 qso's, 20318 unique Calls.
Had some fun chasing them. New 1 on rtty mode.
But a very clumsy rtty operation ,they tx inverted
and rx normal for 7 days !!!!!!!!!!  Oooh my good.
They had some issues also with cw keying......
Other dx this week.
YB4IR/9 on 30 mtr cw, Iman this time from iota oc-147
More OX/DL-Call in log 20+30 mtr cw and 30 mtr rtty
4W/PE7T on20 mtr cw, Wilbert from  Timor Leste

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