mandag 26. desember 2016


UA4WHX Vladimir is in Western Africa
He is a world class radio operator and is easy to get in the log.
This is some qsl card from some of his earlier tour.
In Nov/Dec  this year I have worked him from this places.
MAURITANIA....5T9VB on 30 mtr cw and 30 mtr Rtty.
MAURITANIA.....5T5TI on 40 mtr ssb..valid for Iota AF -050 Tidra  Isl.
SENEGAL...6W/UA4WHX/p on 17 mtr ssb and 30+40 mtr Rtty AF-078 Carabane  Isl.
CAPE VERDE ..D44TVB on 20 mtr Rtty and 30 mtr cw AF-005 Santiago Isl.

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