søndag 18. september 2016


In July I was sending this package with qsl card to the Nrrl office.
I was very surprised when it comes back in August.
They had not picked it up at the locale post office in Oslo.
Till my big surprise they had closed the office for whole July.
No back up for the post, in my eyes they are not doing their job.
So I have to send it back again, will cost me 60 us dollar.
I have no good feeling for the work they do their,  well if they realy
do something in there....took me 18 months to get LA7TTT callsign registered.
They have probably sent back 100's of qsl card market ..NOT MEMBER..
If it wasn't for the qsl service I would never been a member of Nrrl.
This lazy guy's inside there is only making me crazy.......
They are well overpaid......that's sure....

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