søndag 17. mai 2015

DX #20/52

FINALLY K1N QSL. 13 qso's 7 band ,10 to 40 mtr, 3 modes.
DXCC HONOR ROLL : #1 340 (343) MIX,  335 CW,  333 SSB.
Not the best dx-pedtion for eu's.....
They needed 3 days to get the camp up and running.
The first week they was beaming exclusive for America.
Since 50 % of the dx'ers are in EU this was making big frustration.
They are 50k qso's short on EU, but even worse if you live in Asia.
They was only making 8000 qso's with Asia.
Another side of the story is that EU's dont sponsor dx-pedition......
This team had some of the best op's we have, but they also had some casual op's.
I think a top notch EU-team had raised the total qso bar with 20-30 %.....
But very thankfull to the team, they had give me the last 1 I needed.
Other dx this week.
YB5M : 20 rtty and 20 ssb Iota oc-262
3B8/EA5IDQ on 20 Mtr rtty, Tnx to Jose, #231 rtty mode.

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