søndag 8. mars 2015

DX #10/52

Qsl recived .
TY1AA :11 QSO'S, 10 to 40 Mtr, 3 Modes. New one on Rtty.
C21GC: 5 QSO'S 15-20-30-40 cw 15Rtty. great show from LZ1GC.
Other dx this week.
More ZD8D Qso's 20-40-80 cw, 15-17-20 ssb, 10-12 rtty Total 15 Qso's
More 3G0ZC Qso's: 10 ssb, 12 rtty. A great dx-pedition .Total 13 Qso's
T88XG:12-17 Rtty.          5H1ES :12-15 Rtty.            HV0A: 160 ssb
E30FB :10-15 ssb.         VK7FG :17-30 cw 20 ssb Iota oc-195 New one
AH0K : 17 cw          BV1EK : 12 Rtty       OA7/DL1CW 30 cw
ZF2BH : 10 ssb its OH2BH Martti, he knows how to work a pile...
V63JYR on 20 mtr Rtty,its JR1JYR Ken on tour, New one on RTTY.
Worked some qso's also in ARRL DX CONTEST SSB.
But this contest it's not one of my favorits........
It's ruined of over modulated Europeans, full mic gain
and overdriven amplifiers,  splattering away.......

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